Friday, April 26, 2013


I don't think that there is one person in the world that doesn't love music. Music can make you feel so many emotions in such a short period of time. There is a song that can explain every situation out there, especially a country song. I mean there is a song a bout a truck or some one's dog! Music is a massive part of my life. It helps me concentrate if I'm working on something, if I'm alone it provides me with entertainment even if its while I'm driving down the road. Everyone knows that they are a rock star while they sing in the shower! I know I personally can not even sleep with some sort of music on. When it is spring cleaning time, music is a must!! No one really realizes how much music impacts our lives on a daily basis. How many commercials can you name with out a song or some sort of sound effects? Music. It's everywhere. I challenge you to share a new song with someone new everyday. It'll broaden their horizons as well as yours!

A Father Like No Other.

Many people adore their fathers just as I adore mine. I can say though, my father is one of a kind. He is one of the most hilarious men I know. My friends and I never cease to laugh hysterically when we are around him. My dad has to take Ambien, a sleep aide, almost every night. When he takes this medication he always seems to want to get up and wander around the house instead of laying down in bed as he is supposed to. My dad also knows sign language . . . . SO when he decides to stroll around the house, and finds one of us, he only signs. He REFUSES to speak aloud. Time flies by as we try to figure out what he is saying. My sister and I know sign language as well but my father is much more advanced at it and can do it so quickly. The things he signs!! Oh my stomach hurts just thinking about the pain from laughing. One night he was trying to sign to us about monsters that were trying to get him. As he went out the front door to smoke, he acted as if someone was trying to pull him out the door. It was beyond hysterical; especially since our front door is completely glass! This is just one example of my terrific father in his "proudest" moments. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Loner Ranger or your own stranger?

The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven was a very good story. It is one of my absolute favorites that we have read. The struggle the Lone Ranger undergoes, many people have to face everyday. Discrimination, segregation, stereotyping are all apart of everyday life. This hits close to home for me. I am the child of an amazing gay couple. I see discrimination and stereotyping everyday. To add on top of that, my dads are also an interracial couple, like the main character in the story. A small factor that still blows my mind that people these days are still not okay with. Seeing people stare at them in public drives me crazy, and most of the time they are not even touching each other in any way, shape or form. Growing up with parents who are afraid that their children will be ridiculed or not have any friends is heart breaking. Thinking that people have to deal with so much hatred that is even worse than what they feared. To my parent's surprise we have not had a problem yet that was not a minuscule issue that could be quickly resolved. People group gays together as if they are a cult. I swear to you I am not, nor have I ever been homosexual. Neither is my 15 year old sister. The difficulties that gay couples have to go through remind me of the cop stopping the Lone Ranger; there was no reason that cop needed to stop him. He was just judged upon his race. That is not fair, the times are changing people! QUIT JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER!! There are worse issues in this world than to be worried about what race, orientation, gender, or any other stupid discriminatory reason people come up with to torment someone with.

The End is Here - Finally

The end of the semester is finally here, yet I feel bittersweet about it. I'm glad school is going to be out; it means no more stress! Thank Goodness. At the same time I have come to love so many people who will not be returning next year. Most of the friends I have made here at RBC are graduating in May. I hate to see all of them leave so soon after meeting them. So many amazing people that I have come to know and love are now going to whisked away by the adventures of University Life.  I thank all of them because each and every one of them has taught me something. The true value of friendship hasn't really had a definition for me until now.  There are a few friends who are not going off to college, simply taking some time off & I know they will still be around but, it just is not the same as seeing them every day in classes, the commons or the library. 

As for the sweet part- NO MORE SCHOOL! For now anyways. I can definitely finish my freshman year of college saying it was definitely was not what I expected it to be. In some ways it was hard as in the quality of the work. In others it was completely and 100% easier than high school, the rules, professors, choosing when you'd like to take classes, and when you'd rather sleep. The attendance policy is more lenient as well. In college you really feel as if you are an adult, not babied all the time. 

Summer isn't going to be lazy days for me though. I have a job at the mall that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE. I have joined the Big Brother Big Sister Program, which I am extremely excited about and I also have to prepare for my EMT classes in the fall. This upcoming saturday I have a CPR class, which should be interesting and I get to share that experience with my younger sister. Who unfortunately is still in high school, that I have to get up early and take her to everyday. I am happy with the direction my life is going in at this point in time. 

Procrastination is the art of keeping up with yesterday. ~Don Marquis

Procrastination: putting off or delaying or deferring an action to a later time.

A word that is well known to college students. When things get over whelming we tend to just put assignments on the back burner. When that happens something fall through the cracks. Then you have to rush to get things done in the 36 hours you have left to turn any and everything in. Panic sets in as you realize how much you need to do in that short amount of time! Then, BAM another obstacle. Your internet at home no longer works and you can only do your work at school. Which leaves you less time than you originally anticipated. You have to leave at 2pm to pick up your little sister from high school and she is not going to want to sit at college while you get your work done. So you just feel stressed, rushed and exhausted.

 Beginning to work on all your work and you turn on music and hit the shuffle button. A song turns on that hits a nerve. It's a sad song, a song that has a lot of meaning; someone who was a big part of your life sang it to you many times. You want to turn it off but you can't your frozen, just listening. You're trying not to cry while typing, the computer screen becomes blurry, contacts sticking when you blink, everyone is around you in the commons, you cant cry, they can't know you still care. You yourself did not even realize you still cared. You can't care, you have things to do. There is no time for a emotional/mental breakdown!

 Your best friend calls and suddenly everything is ok. He makes you feel so much better. He tells you about his meeting with his recruiter, your heart sinks. You suddenly hate the air force, they are stealing him away! They can't  do that! You just got used to talking everyday, and you are now going to go months without talking. This is unfair.

 Life its self is unfair. But you have to look at all the positives. You have AMAZING friends, a loving and supportive family and a college career. Your life is falling together and it is Beautiful. Even with all its trials and tribulations. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

How to Become a writer.

How to become a writer was the first story assigned in Sweeny's English 102 Class. This has been my favorite story so far. The fact that the main character tries so hard to get what she wants in life despite how family, friends and boyfriends feel, relates to how I feel about life in general. Everyone always tells you that you can be anything in life, yet when you pick an amazing aspiration they feel uneasy about your choice. The author tells us that the main character is great with kids and that her advisor is pushing her to work with children. Even though the narrator or character in this story has found, for lack of a better word, her niche, she feels as if there is something else out there for her to do. She wants to write; she faces many obstacles that may make her feel as if she cannot reach her goal. This I can personally relate to. In high school I had to have 10 surgeries and fell tremendously behind in classes. This kind of discouraged me to strive for what I really wanted out of life. Wanting to go into the medical profession but never being able to attend a math class to retain the information. It becomes torturous. Much like the writer I was focused on what I really wanted and was able to pull all my grades up and strive for what I felt was my true potential. This story is just a reminder that you can do almost anything you set your mind to.